How Marketers are Making Holidays Safe from Triggers

Valentine’s Day can be polarizing, to say the least, and while some may relish the opportunity to spend time with a loved one, others’ reactions can vary from annoyed to heartbroken. A growing number of companies are adjusting to this changing landscape by allowing customers to opt-out of the holiday email chains and themed marketing. Tesco and Etsy are some of the most notable adopters. The goal is to be more empathetic to the lives of their customers and allow them to receive a more personalized campaign. Brands like Papier have noted how the pandemic has tragically affected so many during the last two years and general life struggles can make holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s, and Father’s Day especially difficult. Only 1.8% opted out of Papier’s V-Day emails but over 2% opted out of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.