In the Age of DTC, Being Retail Ready is Essential

Consumers’ journey to the online world had been on the upswing, but the pandemic accelerated that shift. More groceries are purchased online than ever before and more essentials like supplements are brought on demand or automatically reordered.

Since DTC brands benefit from a closer relationship with consumers, these brands know more about what their customers really need and deliver it to them. Once they find a product’s market fit and a captive audience, they turn to the supply chain to ensure there’s enough inventory to meet the demand.

Meanwhile, retailers realize that they need access to these DTC brands to remain competitive and relevant to consumers. So, they are finding innovative ways to activate these DTC experiences in-store, sometimes altering their sales models and retail paradigms.

DTC brands must optimize their branding for a new retail environment. Many brands cannot succeed online without using strategic design – well-crafted marks, distinctive creative assets, and well-defined communication messaging and hierarchies. Creating a competitive brand through design doesn’t just benefit them at retail, but it boosts their digital reputation as well.