Brands Need to be All-in on the Metaverse

First of all, brands have lots of reasons to be skeptical of the metaverse: it could be a quickly fading fad, forecasts and prediction models could be off, or monetary gain could be much lower despite its popularity. However, brands still can’t sleep on the metaverse for the risk of being left behind. The metaverse will survive by content and it appears there is an abundance of it at take-off, and like all new tech adventures, seizing as much landscape as possible early on is critical. Forecasts say a quarter of the population will be logged into the metaverse for at least an hour a day in the next five years. There is also a huge robust economy already inside the metaverse. JPMorgan has already developed a full-scale financial system with the same banking solutions inside the metaverse which is translating into a large robust real economy.