More Creativity in B2B Campaigns

Many brands concentrate their creative efforts and campaigns in consumer facing products, while B2B marketing remains dull and boring. Even more compelling is that many of the B2B topics are anything but boring with digital transformation, future of work, talent retention and employee engagement dominating topics. The slower turn around in B2B transactions is the lynchpin of why there is so little creativity, because compared to B2C campaigns they are less attributable to overall success. The easiest way to improve creativity is to spice up the research that executives are digesting. Over 50% of execs are reading white papers related to trends and market analysis. Over 80% of execs believe these papers are too time consuming, and they want a slicker way to consume the information. Brands should strive to be more creative in the way other businesses digest their information with summaries, interactive media, data visualization and key insights. Finally, Cannes Lions International Festival creativity is adding a B2B creativity category for marketing this year.