The World of Food Marketing Gets Creative with Merch Mania

There is a growing trend in food and beverage marketing that involves fashion merchandise tie-ins with brands such as McDonald’s, Heinz, Goldfish Crackers, and others. Since then, the tactic has increased dramatically with CPG brands including Sunny D and Vita Coco, commodities such as avocados from Mexico, and QSR chains such as Chipotle, Arby’s, and Popeye’s using it.

Meanwhile, nostalgia has continued to play a significant role in food advertising,  gameday food brands have make a multi-million-dollar impression in conjunction with the events like the Super Bowl.

According to brand managers, branded clothing e-tail is a powerful means of connecting with younger consumers who do not find traditional advertising appealing. Additionally, with so many social, video, and gaming streams available, it can be difficult to be noticed online. Therefore, brands are reaching out to young users in person to create a sense of community, often in a self-aware, hip, and ironic manner.