Is Marketing Burnout Causing Lower Female Representation?

A new study from ‘She Runs It’ found that women are leaving marketing, media and tech at an alarming rate. And while the leave rates between men and women are comparable in other fields, this change in pace has caused women to fall below 50% representation for the first time since 2018. Women are more likely to take leave from jobs for parental and caregiving reasons, but other factors are needed to explain the dramatic decline. McKinsey and Co found that burnout is ramping up for women and this could be a determining factor for the shift out of media and marketing. Another factor is misogyny in the workplace, as influential figures in the space have noted that it’s a factor in women departing. There is some good news, as female board members grew this year in media, marketing, and tech to a 52% share, which could be a pathway to turnaround the aforementioned trends.