Why More Advertisers and Publishers are Making the Shift to Private Marketplaces

Private marketplaces (PMPs) are becoming increasingly popular in the fast-paced advertising industry. Compared to open exchanges, PMPs have shown higher rates of programmatic advertising spend since 2020. By 2022, PMPs are expected to receive 17% of all programmatic ad spending, while open exchanges will receive 13%.

Publishers can maximize revenue from their inventory while minimizing their sales efforts by taking advantage of the open marketplace. A wide range of impressions is available for buyers to reach their KPIs and efficiently deliver their campaigns.

However, the open marketplace is not perfect as Publishers do not have full control over the advertising delivered on their sites, and advertisers are not provided with detailed information regarding the inventory they are bidding on.

As a result, transparency is limited on both ends of the supply chain and does not always meet the needs of buyers and sellers. The PMP was established to eliminate uncertainty and give both parties greater control over ad campaign planning, execution, and customization.

The shift towards quality, secure, and premium environments reduces fraud, improves viewability, and provides brand-safe placements, resulting in a better experience for advertisers, publishers, and users.