Dollar General Expands Advertiser Access to Shopper Data

Dollar General is expanding its retail media network. Dollar General’s DGMN network, originally launched in 2018, provides CPG advertising partners with access to real-time data so that they may better serve their customers across 18,000 locations in 47 states.

DMGN is an audience-centric, proprietary solution designed to offer advertisers transparency and accurate one-to-one measurement, insights, and reporting. More than four million Dollar General App users consistently engage with current in-app platforms, contributing to the expansion of DGMN’s audience-first media strategy.

DGMN is supported by strategic technology partners, including independent demand-side platform The Trade Desk; Live Ramp for data collaboration including advanced data clean rooms; Google Ad Manager for inventory management onsite and in-app; and Goodway Group for digital media strategy, planning and buying.

Dollar General is the latest retailer to launch an internal targeted advertising network across a wide range of verticals.

According to Charlene Charles, head of DG media network operations, DG’s next generation retail media network, DGMN, represents an important evolution as they work to better serve their markets and customers, particularly those living in rural areas.

Digital solutions provided by DGMN are aimed at providing their customers with a more convenient, frictionless, and personalized shopping experience.