How the Metaverse Will Change Digital Marketing

The ‘metaverse’ is shaping up to change marketing like the early years of Google, Facebook, and youtube. Brands like Nike, Gucci, and Disney are hopping on the latest VR and AR experiences and job growth is astronomical. The first big trend that will be shaped by the metaverse will be how it gives the experiences consumers desire. Its very nature envelopes those involved. The second big change to the metaverse is the all-in-one experience it provides to those on the platform. The metaverse will allow a streamlined opportunity to interact with consumers in unique ways and be the complete journey. Finally, the metaverse will give a whole wind to representation by providing a truly targeted digital marketing space. Over 70% of individuals want more representation and over half feel like their brands don’t provide it. The metaverse experience will bring a unique tailored experience that will inherently be more inclusive.