Amazon is All-in on ‘Free’ TV

The premium adless services dominate the streaming conversation, so most have ignored IMDb TV because Netflix, HBO max, and Prime Video dominates the launches and headlines. While IMDb TV hasn’t generated the premium content that other streaming services have, its ad-packed service has a surprisingly large viewership. In total, Amazon’s ad-supported services (which include Twitch and some sports streaming) garner 120 million monthly viewers. In order to get a little more pop Amazon will rebrand IMDb TV to Freevee. It’s not just about the ads, for Amazon, a big draw is the data. There are globs of data to be drawn from Freetv because so many viewers don’t pay for the $140/year Prime services, which can inform other decisions and be utilized in different ways. Amazon will be pushing the limits in adx1tech too as they are bragging about in-stream integration with beverages or vehicles.