China-Made Products on Amazon: Intellectual Property Concerns

As of this point, it has become well established that laws governing international commercial methods in China do not protect true ownership of products and ideas. It’s already been discussed how Chinese sellers may not necessarily follow other people’s rules in the global marketplace and how difficult it is to avoid their reach.

Currently, some Amazon sellers in China utilize the intellectual property of others to develop products. They use some false review tactics to drive sales on products which may have been stolen or are potentially being resold illegally altogether.

Although Amazon can track this and put an end to it by halting highly reported sales, they don’t do so fully. IP owners should conduct their own investigations to determine whether their content is being replicated.

Even with recent changes in China’s policies about property ownership online, sellers still find it difficult to investigate possible IP theft. This applies to online infringement as well, but it’s even harder to prove the ideas were copied word for word from their original owner. Therefore, until we discover new solutions to the problem, we must continue to create as much brand awareness as possible by promoting our brands locally.