ANA Offers First Guidelines for Measuring Influencer Marketing

A new set of guidelines introduced today by the ANA helps advertisers overcome a challenge they have faced for several years — measuring influencer marketing.

As reported by the ANA, organic influencer marketing has not been standardized in the same way as paid advertising for almost a decade. Organic influencer marketing has been hamstrung by a lack of consistency and transparency, which is obfuscating its true value to advertisers.

The following sections provide an overview of how to measure organic influencer marketing:

Awareness metric is one that measures how well a brand, product, service or message is recognized by consumers.

Engagement metrics, which measure how consumers interact with a brand’s messaging through different actions to gauge consumer interest in the brand.

Conversion metrics, which aim to motivate the consumer towards a predetermined goal, purchase, or transaction with KPIs highly dependent upon the data available to them.

The Awareness Metrics section provides definitions and examples for terms such as reach, cost per reach, video views, and impressions. The Engagement Metrics section includes cost per engagement, campaign sentiment, and engagement rate. Conversion Metrics provides definitions and insights on total traffic generated, total conversions, conversion cost, total sales and return on investment.