TikTok Marketing Partners Program Welcomes Brandwatch

TikTok has introduced its inaugural group of Content Marketing Partners as part of its Marketing Partners Program. One of these founding members is Brandwatch, with its social suite of the future that will enable its customers to manage, execute, and optimize their TikTok content within the Brandwatch platform.

Through this official partnership, Brandwatch clients can manage, understand, and respond to their community profiles on TikTok in a way that feels native to the world’s most popular technology platform.

The goal at TikTok is to make it easier for brands to develop great content that resonates with their communities, said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok. As part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, they are pleased to collaborate with some of the most trusted organizations in the industry to help marketers regularly publish content, gain valuable performance insights, and meaningfully engage with their communities.

According to Mikael Lemberg, Vice President of Product Global Partnerships at Brandwatch, Tik Tok is an incredible platform for talented and creative individuals across the world, driving new trends and important conversations every day.

TikTok’s new Content Marketing specialty signals Brandwatch’s intent to be a major player in the TikTok ecosystem and creator economy.