Chevrolet’s Sopranos-talgia

The unlikely pairing of Chevrolet and the Sopranos, a hit HBO show that blew up in the early aughts, made social media networks buzz during the Superbowl. The ad featured lead star Tony Soprano’s daughter retracing the famous title sequence where Tony drove the New Jersey turnpike, ending in a hug with her younger brother AJ. Sopranos saw a heavy resurgence during the pandemic as a new audience was introduced to the show. The ad stripped a gas station from the route and replaced a cemetery with children playing in order to project a better future for a new generation. Creator of the show David Chase commented that the ad was a nice homage to the ambiguity that was heavily debated about series finale. There was poetry that coupled the younger generation of Sopranos with the electric vehicle for the same group who aim to put fossil fuels behind them.