Coors is Going Green

Coors is moving to a plastic-free campaign by getting rid of any rings used in packaging where their parent company operates. The brand moving to a fully recyclable strategy by sourcing sustainable cardboard carriers for their products in North America to remove plastic usage. The campaign will cost $85 million and some of that will go to rebranding. To demonstrate this new future, they are opening a “Plastic-Free Future Mart” pop-up in Brooklyn in March. The campaign is really targeted at a new generation of Coors drinkers, as the brand is hoping to reach Gen Z and Millennials. Green campaigns are critical to winning over newer generations as climate change is a top priority. The campaign will remove 1.7 million pounds of plastic from the environment every year, and is part of an almost 5-year long campaign to make the brand more sustainable. Previous campaigns surrounded water, climate, and other packaging details.