Major Marketing Company Drops Operations in Russia

WPP PLC is one of the commanding voices in advertising and they are the latest company to sever any ties with Russia in the wake of the Ukraine Invasion. WPP and its subsidiaries get a pretty substantial 0.6% of their net sales from Russia and have nearly 1,400 employers there, but the association with Russia isn’t worth it and runs counter to the firm’s values. They are far from the only company severing ties as Apple, Ford, Dell, Accenture, and McKinsey & Co are also seizing or pausing operations as well. However, not all advertising companies are pausing their Russian Operations. Interpublic Group for example is only considering the moves. Many companies are being forced to hold operations in order to remain compliant with US sanctions against Russia. In addition to halting operations, WPP is also aiding in the funding of a program that will help Ukrainians forced to flee their home country.