How AI Will Change the Future of Search Engine Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more sophisticated, requiring search engine optimization to adapt. It is only a matter of time before artificial intelligence overtakes SEO strategies since it can already analyze data at a rate that humans cannot.

There is always a state of flux in the SEO industry. Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and new technologies are being developed all the time. After Google announced in 2015 that they would be utilizing RankBrain, an artificial intelligence (AI) system, to process search results, the SEO community has discussed how AI will affect the industry.

Aside from RankBrain, Google is also using machine learning to combat spam in 2017.

In 2019, Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, confirmed that RankBrain was being used for every search query, leading several companies to experiment with AI and machine learning in order to remain competitive. In response to this development, a multitude of AI-based SEO tools have emerged. AI tools have demonstrated their effectiveness in certain areas such as SEO keyword research, content creation, traffic analysis, voice search, and SEO workflows.

As a result of these applications, it has become evident that artificial intelligence is the future of SEO.