Top Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Services

Paid search marketing also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) describes an auction-based advertising service offered by search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, which allows businesses to run real-time ads that are only charged when someone clicks on them.

A pay-per-click advertising model asks advertisers to bid on how much they would like to pay for each click on their ad by the user. This fee is known as the cost per click (CPC). The bid and quality score of an ad determine how often the ads are displayed in search engine results for a defined keyword.

The following are the top benefits of using PPC services to boost business growth:

Pay-per-click ads boost brand awareness because our business is displayed at the top of search results for our target locations and keywords.

It is also possible to target our ads to a specific group of people, including prior website visitors.

Through PPC marketing, we can generate immediate leads, which is not possible with SEO or email marketing.

Pay-per-click advertising generates marketing leads regardless of Google algorithm updates, as pay-per-click ads are not affected by organic search engine ranking algorithm updates.