Time to Reset Your Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing grew rapidly and sort of out of control, and has since turned into Frankenstein’s monster for most brands where they are trying to meet the latest demands and tacking on tactics. However, the industry has grown and it’s now a full-funnel system, and brands need to take a step back and re-evaluate. The first step is to re-evaluate your brand, values, and audience, and to pin down what influencers will meet their needs. Just as important is figuring out exactly which quantitative measures and metrics your brand will lean on to evaluate influencers. It’s not just KPIs; it’s about how engagement rates and influencer command will address your bottom line sales goals. If these things are set in place, brands can have a firmer grasp on how influencers are driving campaigns, and can optimize their campaigns to get the most out of their distribution networks.