Who’s Breaking the Boundaries in Influencer Marketing

As part of the Influencer Marketing Awards’ judging day last week, the highly regarded judges discussed the year’s best in class entries and decided which brands should receive the prestigious awards in each category.

The team was delighted to receive a huge number of creative, in-depth entries this year that achieved outstanding results. Those who have made the shortlist particularly stood out to the judging panel as they demonstrated the true versatility of the influencer marketing space, and the most innovative campaigns excelled with great success.

“Campaigns this year exhibited exceptional creativity and talent from the creator side, as well as from the agency,” says Matthew Wood, Founder of the Influencer Marketing Awards. The agencies and teams working within influencer marketing today continue to execute exceptionally smart, value-added campaigns that meet a wide range of client KPIs and objectives.

The vast versatility of the industry is evident. Its ability to connect with consumers authentically has become unmatched. It is an incredibly exciting time to work in a field with unlimited potential.