MatterKinds Tool Could be a Data Difference Maker

With cross-platform viewership and a range of identification problems at all-time highs, insights, and analytics that can glean specifics about users and KPIs are critical to performance growth. IPG’s Matterkind has released tools that can target business outcomes such as sales and spur growth on performance based-marketing budgets. Carnival cruises turned to Matterkinds analytics in order to better target convertible viewers and saw 20% quarterly growth last year when the pandemic was wreaking havoc on the cruise industry. The tool, called Outcome Navigator, is the most recent effort to expand its digital advertising footprint and is part of a string of efforts to increase analytical capabilities. IPG acquired Acxiom in 2018 and has had all hands on the data deck since that moment. Matterkind itself is playing a consultant role to help companies navigate this new corner.