Ford’s Success Marks Arrival of AR Ad Growth

Ford tried to garner a new wave of attention with their mini-truck by seeking those that wouldn’t find themselves in the pick-up market. They did so by pushing on a viral campaign using augmented reality in TikTok, and the campaign was widely seen as a success. By putting the tiny truck in unimaginable places, Ford got over 10.6 billion views on over 17,000 creations. This is a trend that will expect to take off going forward as AR advertising will blow up to a whopping $26 billion by 2025 based on projections from ARtillery intelligence which would be a 280% increase from 2020. Overall AR will make sense in the vehicle market because a new generation of consumers, such as many millennials and gen z, won’t bother entering a dealership and seeing a car, so selling them virtually might solve the problem.